corrosion is smart coatings

Why is there a need to shift to Smart Coatings?

The world is going through pressing times as there is a drastic effect on the natural systems. The unnatural processes for the benefit of human survival have rendered the total collapse of organic habitat. Human interference with nature has wrecked its smooth operation, which is now harming the environment and ecology substantively.

One such practice which has left the ecological organization incomplete ruins is corrosion. This act of the reaction of a material with the environment poses numerous drastic effects on the natural working of the environment. The increase in global warming, pollution, reactive and hazardous waste are all a result of corrosion which has messed up nature.

One acceptable way to stave of the ailment of corrosion is ‘smart coatings.’ Smart coatings are unique films with predefined properties that make them sense and respond to environmental and other external stimuli. These are widely used in medical, military, textile, transport, construction, electronics, and other industries for protection against corrosion and abrasion, as well as other surface protection purposes.

One factor which makes them stand out is their self-healing and self-repair properties. This helps them prevent corrosion as they are made of programmable materials with various physical, chemical, electrical, and mechanical properties. These characteristics help them brush aside the prevailing predicament of corrosion as they are programmed to respond to light, pressure, heat and chemicals, and other stimuli.

Further smart coating fights against corrosion through top-tier functionalities, including sensing, warning, corrosion inhibition, and repair. This is made possible by incorporating pH-triggered release of self-healing and multifunctional microcapsules into the smart coating. Smart coatings are an effective way to preserve the environment. It also grants other gains of improving a system’s efficiency by reducing inspection times, maintenance costs, and equipment downtime

One fine paradigm that is playing a substantive role in raising awareness to preserve the environment through smart painting is Reza Javaherdashti. This renowned Australian expert in corrosion management and microbiologically influenced decline (MIC) actively protects and saves the environment from corrosion. He is one of the first in engineering who has taken steps to have made “Paradigm Change”.

He is the sole author or co-author of 8 books on corrosion management and microbial corrosion published by internationally famous publishers such as Elsevier, Springer, CRC Press, Wiley. Reza has participated in numerous Root Cause analyses reports and research papers published in reputable journals and conferences. The phenomenal personality has taught many engineers and professionals working in various industries about microbiological corrosion and advanced corrosion management. He is the recipient of the Best review paper prize by Australasian Corrosion Association (Whitby Award)-Australia, 2007.

The changemaker is playing an exceptional role in raising awareness on how corrosion is hampering the environment. Reza has done numerous workshops and publications to bring an effective change in the environment. He is advocating and proposing effective measures such as smart paintings to save the environment from the drastic predicament of corrosion.

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