Know What Your Customers Want (And Need) Through Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Know What Your Customers Want (And Need) Through Content Marketing

Regardless of the size of the company or its type, we have, through content marketing, an excellent tool to generate traffic to our web pages, thus increasing our opportunities to get new clients and strengthen our brand without the need for a great economic investment.

We are talking about creating creative and informative content for our potential customers to build trust and maintain their interest throughout the purchase process.

We can reach the generation of that content of interest in various ways that we will see in detail later, such as the creation of blogs and web pages with great visual power using quality images that you can obtain from a free image bank, use of social networks, infographics, ebooks, etc.

It is essential to try to understand what our public is demanding to know how to convey clear and accurate information about our products/services and thus be able to satisfy that demand.

Under the premise that we have to focus our content towards the tastes and needs of our potential audience, it is essential to know why and for whom the content is created, and for this we must know the following profiles of our clients:

  • Demographic Profile. We refer to the data of the gender type (man, woman, both) of the client, of the location and especially of the age since it is not the same to address adolescents of 18 years or people of 65 years, varying in a way substantial form and channel of communication.
  • Socio-cultural profile. On this occasion, we are talking about knowing our clients’ economic level, their cultural and educational level, the languages ​​they know, their customs, and even their religion.
  • Digital Profile. Fundamental to know which social networks they usually use, if they are active in these networks, if they usually surf the Internet regularly, interests and keywords they usually use in their searches.

Once we have all the answers to all these questions, it is time to make our recommendation when establishing your Content Marketing strategies:

  • Creation of Blogs or web pages. One of the most popular strategies among small and medium-sized companies since it is the best way to generate more traffic to our site from the most common search engines and is also a fairly inexpensive option.
  • Creation and dissemination of videos. It is one of the best ways to attract and attract potential customers since video has become a highly demanded product today, generating a very high return on investment.
  • A perfect way for companies to disseminate useful information to their customers. Infographics allow you to create highly visual elements with which information about our company, products or services can be easily transmitted.
  • Social Networks. These days, it is an essential strategy if you want to reach your audience as quickly as possible, allowing the interaction of said clients with the company, thus facilitating the acquisition of new clients.
  • Ebooks. Here, we are not trying to sell anything. It is not about turning our eBook into a long ad. It is a tool that will allow us to provide useful information to our target audience based on their needs and objectives. It is also a fantastic tool for obtaining customer information as you generally have to fill out a small form to access this eBook.

We do not want to close this post without trying to clarify something that sometimes generates some confusion. Content Marketing and inbound marketing be careful that they are not the same!

If we talk about M.C., we talk about creating content intending to attract and get new customers, the I.M. It consists of making the user find us, that is, it is not intrusive marketing towards the client.

Inbound Marketing deals with the entire process, from the initial phase of attraction and acquisition to the final phase of final conversion to purchase. It also uses more techniques to attract traffic, apart from Content Marketing, we can highlight among them the organic search engine positioning techniques (SEO), pay-per-click advertising or PPC email marketing.

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