What to remember before the first job is acknowledged
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What to remember before the First Job is Acknowledged

In the last decade, the work of getting a job has increased exponentially, especially if it is the first. Today, almost everything comes down to hiring managers in a company choosing the resumes of people who seem to meet the requested profile. However, in reality, you are the one who has the last word.

We cannot take our future careers lightly, which includes accepting any job. It would be best if you considered several factors before signing the contract that will tie you to a company for a while. It is never going to be advisable to accept the first thing that comes your way, but you have to think carefully about it.

You should always ensure a job aligned with your personality and your life goals (or at least in the medium term) so that you do not feel like you are wasting your time. You have to see that this job enters the path you set for yourself to reach the professional goals you have set for yourself.

Aspects to analyze before accepting a proposal

Even if you are desperate to get a job, and you are in so much financial trouble that you always have to resort to quick loans, you should never accept the first time. Think carefully about these series of factors before saying yes to a job offer in which you meet the profile.


While you can’t be too demanding if it’s your first job, you must consider what salary you deserve. Factors such as your work experience (you probably don’t have at this point), professional training, skills, and hours spent come into play.

You will not always have the salary you want, especially if it is a new job. Think that you can move up and improve your income, although this does not mean that you should settle for a salary that is not even enough to cover your most basic needs. The regulated minimum wage is usual in these cases, but you could be in for a pleasant surprise.

The type of employment contract

Never sign something without reading it, since a simple gesture can change your life a lot, and you will not be able to reverse it quickly. You always have to carefully read the employment contract presented to you and understand it well before signing it. Here all the circumstances of your work will be established, such as your salary, working hours, and the position’s functions. You could consult with someone from human HR or a family member if you have questions about it.

Think that there are several types of employment contracts in Spain. Also, determine the type of contract presented to you to know if the conditions are optimal according to it. Here are what they are:

  • Indefinite contract it does not establish a deadline in the employment relationship. It can be verbal and usually includes several benefits. In any case, it is still advisable to have it in writing.
  • Temporal agreement. Establish a specific duration in the employment relationship. It is used when the company requires a worker to fulfill a particular task.
  • Training contract: It is for people under 25 years of age who do not have experience or training for a specific position.
  • Internship contract. It is dedicated for to students complete their required university internships to complete their professional training.

Does the job suit you?

Think about the distance you have to travel to get to the company, in the work environment that you will surround yourself with at least 8 hours from Monday to Friday, the attitude of your colleagues and your direct manager. All these factors do not affect you directly at work, but in the long term, you will begin to notice it on a psychological level and in your performance.

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