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Top 4 Rip-Roaring Artists in Nashville

Music is an incarnation of art that whips up a sparkle of vitality and liveliness.  It is a mix of vibrations and sounds that create rhythms, enkindling an eclectic mix of energy. Just like our bodies need food and energy to thrive in this world, music acts as food for the soul, rejuvenating and filling it with life. “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”, says the German-Jewish poet and author, Berthold Auerbach. Music is considered a universal language that connects mankind. It exists in every society, whether with or without words.

Various artists and music creators are playing an imminent role in the development and progress of the music industry exceptionally. Artists, however, have a grave duty to create music after well thought and research as listeners are greatly impacted through their music. Dark music and pessimistic lyrics can often drag an individual in the gloom. On the other hand, thought-provoking lyrics and melodies foster positivity, love, joy, and happiness.

Various artists play an imminent role in encouraging individuals to keep their spirits high and believe that good times come to those who await them. Listed below are some of Nashville’s top emerging artists;

Krista Adams Santilli

Hailed by the Baltimore Sun as “vocally spectacular,” lyric soprano Krista Adams Santilli is an active performer in operas, operettas, musicals, concerts and oratorios. Krista’s interpretations of timeless musical classics will add elegance and charm to any event. Whatever musical genre your event requires – whether Classical or Contemporary, Opera or Musical Theatre, Art Song or the Great American Songbook – her versatility and broad repertoire will help you achieve your vision. Krista has performed nationally and internationally with top organizations. In 2004, Krista made her Carnegie Hall debut on a gala concert with Pacific Opera of New York, and she was awarded both first prize and the Galli-Campi Award for the most promising coloratura in the Connecticut Opera Theatre’s 2005 Amici Vocal Competition. Krista enjoys singing patriotic music at sporting and civic events. She has sung the National Anthem for Major League Soccer (at Giants Stadium), Minor League Baseball; NCAA Basketball, Baseball, Gymnastics; etc. Besides, she has performed patriotic music programs at civic events throughout Fairfield County, CT. Krista cantors at St. Ann Roman Catholic Church in Bridgeport, CT, and at other area churches.

Aaron Minick

Aaron Minick is a Nashville-based artist blending American Songbook standards with the “pop hits” from the last few decades to create a new traditional pop music brand. He has been referred to as a “modern-day crooner.” Aaron’s musicianship has taken him from the daily schedule of recording sessions to various television music programs and arena tours. Aaron has worked with some artists, including Roy Orbison, Rhonda Vincent, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Wynonna, Ray Stevens, Russ Taff, and Ricky Skaggs. Aaron has several options for performance – utilizing different configurations of band members to performing with tracks.

He says, “I love performing. I want everyone who sees one of my shows to walk away with a memorable experience. We truly bring a diverse approach to entertainment – using multimedia, audience participation, nostalgia, blended genres, and pop culture to create a unique environment.”

Denny Strickland

Denning is a passionate American singer and songwriter who has wide experience in country music. Fusing his country roots with a deep love for West Coast culture and aesthetics, singer-songwriter Denny Strickland cannot be missed. Named one of Rolling Stone’s “Top 10 Artists to Watch,” Strickland quickly gained national attention for his daring, innovative ways of crossing musical lines. His newest single, the R&B-influenced country anthem “Don’t You Wanna” , is a fine paradigm of his technique as he continues to push the boundaries of music. Strickland has become notorious for seamlessly taking elements from a variety of genres and creating his own distinct sound with a keen ear across the charts. The Nashville resident released his first LP, California Dreamin in August 2018.

Strickland continues to have a knack for party-friendly anthems and doesn’t try to hide his affinity for everyone from Lana Del Rey-to-Timbaland on songs that bear heavy pop and electronic influences. Strickland has mastered the rare combination of weaving traditions with game-changing new techniques and aching honesty. His authenticity to himself and curiosity to bridge musical gaps will never stray, no matter where life takes him.

Making a name for himself in the music business is what drives Denny Strickland, as he recalls some advice Marshall Grant gave him upon their meeting. “I remember him telling me that there were no promises in this, but he told me what to work on, and I stayed with it. I’m a person that if I start something, I’m going to finish it and keep it going. I’ve got a long way to go, and I’m just starting to get my feet wet a bit. I love being on the road, and talking to the stations. I am having the time of my life.”

Melissa DuVall

Melissa is a professional singer with over 15 years experience singing in the Nashville area. She has been awarded Female Demo Singer of the year for being a well sought after studio vocalist. She can provide a wide range of music for your event including country, classic rock, oldies, pop, rock, Motown, RnB, soul, and funk. Melissa not only offers solo acoustic music, but she also sings in a trio band and an eight piece corporate events band. However big or small your event may be, Melissa is the perfect choice to make your event a success!

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