Challenges Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Challenges Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

In the 21st century, women entrepreneurs still face invisible barriers or a “glass ceiling” for fear of risk, perfectionism, lack of alliances and self-confidence that prevent them from promoting their companies, say specialists.

For a woman to be empowered and grow as an entrepreneur, she must first stop victimizing herself, because doing so puts her at a disadvantage.

Today they want to be more independent and have different aspirations,” said the accelerator’s director.

Although society is changing, men participate more in household chores and women are more inserted in the world of work, there are still obstacles that make them decide between being mothers or starting a business.

Many examples emerge when we discuss women who broke the “glass ceiling” or the invisible barriers tarnishing their progress. An unconventional example could be the Australian/Serbian model and entrepreneur, Vesna Vrankovic. Co-founder of Our Hempco, Vesna is also attributed as a human rights activist, a working mother, and philanthropist.

Like most women entrepreneurs, Vesna also had to face fundamental challenges in her journey. Talking to Vesna and a couple other notable profiles, we reach to the following conclusions that make up for a challenging experience for women entrepreneurs:

Find Support

Family support is important because it is the first circle that surrounds women. In it they can find advice, encouragement and even financing

Mental Barrier

When a company promotes a man to a higher position, he takes responsibility and risk with 68% of the skills and knowledge. A woman does it when she feels 95% ready. By preparing more, women miss the opportunity. They must take more risks.

Choose the Right Partner

Out of fear of being alone, women choose the wrong partners, people who do not allow them to grow, develop and who delay their life project. That’s why you have to be with the person you make shine and make you shine, someone who doesn’t steal your energy.

Perfection and control

Women take great care of details for fear of looking bad or that things might get out of control, which makes them limit their actions and goals. It is necessary for the entrepreneurs to assemble a capable team to be able to delegate and not want to be a female orchestra.

Fear of Failure

Claudia de Heredia, co-founder of Kichink, a platform that facilitates online commerce, collection and logistics of other companies, confesses that the main challenge she faced to start her company was fear of failure, but facing it and failing in projects has been the solution to grow the company.

Education and Training

The Government, business chambers and civil associations offer programs and support for entrepreneurs; however, they need to be more widely publicized. With information, women entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to choose what they want to do, make decisions, and take responsibility.

Learn more Success Stories

When women realize that there are more stories like theirs and that no matter the difficulties, these women fulfilled their goals and dreams, they too are inspired, the experts agree.

Adequate Infrastructure

For women to be able to devote enough attention to their projects, it is necessary for schools to extend their hours and to have more daycare centers near the offices

No Penalty of Duty

Commercial banks, microfinance institutions and the Government have designed specific products for entrepreneurs; however, women feel uncomfortable owing money. If the woman knows how much money she needs, what her payment capabilities are, there is no problem in requesting loans.

Share Responsibilities

It is necessary to have a system where mothers and fathers can take care of their children and there is greater flexibility in work so that women do not have to decide between being mothers and being professionals.

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