Tips for owls and early risers

Tips for Owls and Early Risers

If it is necessary to rebuild, this is possible at a rate of 1 hour of the shift of the schedule per day. Use sunlight to solidify the effect.

For hypers – look out the window for 10 minutes in the morning. Larks in the evening can stay on longer to turn off the lights in order to hold out until a later time.

You can use your own melatonin, such as eating foods that trigger the production of melatonin. Cherry juice in large quantities increases melatonin.

There is melatonin in tablet form. There is no dose-dependent effect above 1–2 mg. (Translating: eating more than 2 mg of melatonin in tablets is useless, it will not work harder). Melatonin has no hypnotic effect.

Melatonins are short and long. Short ones can be bought without a prescription as dietary supplements or medicines. And the short ones are removed so quickly that if you drink it 30 minutes before bedtime, then exposure to light at this time, you completely neutralize their effect. We went to bed, turned off the light, drank, and waited. Then they will work.

Previously, melatonin was prescribed in courses month after month. I recently completed a study that says that for six years, you can drink melatonin daily. It is safe. There is no withdrawal syndrome, the production of its own melatonin is not reduced.


Californian scientists used functional MRI to observe the labeled atoms of the cerebrospinal fluid. Cellular debris, such as the protein amyloid, which is associated with Alzheimer’s disease, is cleared better on the side.

The withdrawal of decay products on the back is slowed down. It is not recommended to sleep on their backs for people who snore only in this position – called positional therapy.

On the stomach, the withdrawal of decay products practically stops. Plus, orthopedists threaten with neck problems.

People who suffer from respiratory arrest in a supine position can sleep while sitting, but there is no need to strive for this.

Carpets, plants, animals, rare bed linen changes, old pillows, mattresses, blankets are allergens. It interferes with healthy sleep.

About folk methods

Somnologists, although there is no such official specialization yet, work in evidence-based medicine.

We focus on American Sleep Academy and respect their guidelines. Until 2016, pharmacotherapy and over-the-counter therapy were in the first place. But now, cognitive behavioral therapy has come out on top.

It has now become clear how important sleep hygiene, or work with mental attitudes, is. For example, some people “fight” insomnia by forcing themselves to fall asleep. They develop an attitude that sleep is something that must be fought against. After two weeks, it is already a reflex that provokes insomnia.

Rule 15 minutes

Suitable for everyone has no contraindications. It helps in 80% of cases.

Do not stay in bed without sleep for more than 15 minutes.

Do not have time – leave. So, you provoke the body to quickly understand that a bed is good and you need to fall asleep as soon as possible until you are kicked out.

If cognitive-behavioral measures do not give any result at all within a month, then the somnologist switches to drugs.

Herbs. Passionflower, lemon balm, valerian is mentioned in the recommendations marked “no data for or against.” There is no normal sampling and comparison for herbs. Herbal remedies help those who give them.

In Russia, almost all sleeping pills are sold by registration prescription. The exception is zaleplon. It is still according to the usual prescription (which any clinic can prescribe).

Donormil is still sold without a prescription. According to the description of people who tried it, it’s like a bag over the head – a sedative effect for 10 hours. Although for allergy sufferers with problems falling asleep, this is a possible option. Closed-back glaucoma and problems with the genitourinary system are contraindications for taking do normally. But pregnant women can. He also suppresses vomiting.

Barbiturates, cortisol, phenobarbital are the traditional ways of “fighting” insomnia in older people. Increases the risk of respiratory arrest, and in the elderly, it is already higher. Addiction, withdrawal syndrome, is not combined with alcohol and some drugs—bad option. Phenazepam also applies.

Drug therapy formulation: short courses of short-acting drugs.

Nightmares – is it to the sleep doctor?

No, if this is a recurring nightmare, then a therapist. Plus, you can pay attention to the content. Lack of air from stopping breathing is usually in a dream – this is a person drowning or being strangled—angina pectoris – a feeling that the weight is pressed down or running/fighting. But nightmares in a dream are not cured by a somnologist.

Sleepwalking until the age of 14 will not be treated by a somnologist either – it goes away with age. Sleepwalking for adults is already being treated. In adults, this is parasomnia – a disorder, but it is not always necessary to treat it. Bruxism, or gnashing of teeth, also parasomnia, flinching when falling asleep more than 4 times, is also a symptom of parasomnia.

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