The Path of the Freelancer
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The Path of the Freelancer: Learning and Training

The concept of “freelancer” has been generating greater interest over the years, becoming an exciting reality and a convenient work alternative in the current times of pandemic. Tele-working has a series of advantages such as greater freedom, work flexibility, personal time, and earnings.

But if I want to take the path to be freelance, where can I train, and in what profession?

Learning the basics

Before embarking on the freelancer path, there are a series of primary and necessary topics that a good professional must know; they will help you get the essential base and the foundations for a reliable, professional career.

  1. Professional image.
  2. Marketing and self-promotion
  3. How to attract clients and negotiate
  4. Organization of your time and workspace
  5. How to manage personal finances.
  6. Tools for an excellent professional.

Of course, they are subjects that require time to master, but with adequate training, they are available to everyone.

The most demanded professions

When the bases to be the right freelancer are clear, it is time to consider where you want to direct your professional activity, what product to offer, and even how to train to meet your work goal.

For this, it is best to take into account the type of professions most in-demand in the sector:

  • Business management
  • Development of apps and software
  • Personal development
  • Graphic design
  • E-commerce
  • Photography

Six Places to learn everything you need

One of the advantages of living in a world where distance training is a reality is that the Internet is a powerful tool where finding training is simple, cheap, and direct; professional knowledge is available to everyone with a few “clicks.”

These are a few examples of useful websites where we can train in many professional subjects.

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Edx
  • Emagister

Being freelance in the middle of 2021 has become a very viable work alternative since the pandemic has shaken the pillars of the world of work and has established trends such as teleworking, which has advantages for workers and their families.

Therefore, more and more individuals are retraining from their careers. And choosing to embark on the path of self-employment.


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