The Challenges That Come With Sales Performance

The Challenges That Come With Sales Performance

No matter how prosperous a company is, it will never be exempt from the challenges that come with sales. Even professional sales teams have to consistently deal with obstacles when communicating and developing their relationships with their targeted consumers.

For salespeople to excel, they need to identify the issues that plague their approach toward productive sales performance.

Lack of Prospect Response

One of the biggest challenges that sales reps face today is not getting a response from their prospects, which is surprising considering that we live in a time where communication technology is at our fingertips. Salespeople find that people have become less responsive due to the escalation of channels and communication overload.

As a consequence, sales reps need to distinguish themselves from their competitors and develop trust with their customers. One of the ways you can stand out is by using video-based content to appeal to your audience.

Being Unable to Close Deals

In an increasingly competitive market, it has become extremely difficult for sales professionals to close their deals on time. Consumers now find it much easier to do the research themselves by acquiring the knowledge they think they need via the internet.

Hence, it has become essential for salespeople to become more familiar with their customers’ needs and create an ideal solution that can target an individual’s specific requirements. Consider dedicating a section of your company blog to answering your customer’s frequently asked questions; you can use videos to provide in-depth answers to these questions.

Connection Through Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are something we constantly carry around with us; they have become an integral part of our lives. But, as mentioned above, communication with customers has become increasingly difficult, requiring more creativity in how we approach each client.

The busier a potential buyer becomes, the more difficult it is to engage with them on the phone. The best alternative form of communication is through email and text, which clients can check when they are free and more focused on the content of your message. Moreover, you can use various software to tag your emails and texts so that once potential customers open them, you are notified and can follow up immediately.

Considering the speed at which technology is growing, salespeople will undoubtedly face ongoing challenges. But if you seek guidance from a sales performance expert, it will be easier to deal with these issues in the future.

Chris Harris is a highly sought-after motivational speaker who ensures his content remains relevant to current trends. As a proven sales expert in the additive manufacturing industry, he also provides executive consulting and sales performance training to companies all over the world.

Harris began his teaching and consulting career as a close-quarters combat expert in 1993. He spent the next 25 years as an independent contractor, teaching his elite system of combative, Roku Jutsu, to law enforcement, the military, and special forces. In 2015 he began to shift his professional focus toward selling additive manufacturing technology, where he quickly established himself as one of the best in the industry. What set Harris apart from others is that once he decided to pivot careers, it only took him a few short years to achieve a high level of success.

To answer the question “How did you do it?” from his business peers, Harris released his book Phase Selling for Additive Manufacturing, which outlines the sales methodology he created to quickly achieve and exceed his sales goals. If you are a sales professional struggling to consistently achieve quota or fulfill the demands of your industry, consider seeking the guidance of executive consultants and sales performance trainers like Chris Harris. It could help you carve a unique path to a fulfilling and successful career in sales.


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