SEO Tips for Startups That Work

SEO Tips for Startups That Work

The Internet and the digital communications era have been weaving a network in which what is not seen does not exist. This statement has been spreading to all fields of daily life. Something that has placed the concept of visibility in the spotlight of great entrepreneurs.

Getting visibility on the Internet today is something essential, especially in the case of companies. Only in this way will they reach their potential customers and reach a larger target audience.

That is why many entrepreneurs have already started in SEO for Startups, which is essential to not be left behind.

How to improve SEO: Startup level

The world of SEO can be very complex, even if it seems simple. The best way to start gaining visibility on the Internet is to find a complete SEO guide for entrepreneurs. They are usually quite simple, but their indications give great results.

However, if what you need is to take the first SEO steps for your business, you can start by following these quick tips that help you gain visibility in the internet world:

Have the Right Tools

To work web positioning correctly, it is necessary to do it with the appropriate tools.

Several softwares and web portals are simple to use and are capable of collecting enough information about the positioning of a domain.

Although one can be used for everything, it is always best to combine them.

Google Search Console

Search console screen is one of the fundamental tools in the world of SEO and it is also free. Its main function is to analyze web traffic and verify internal and external links.

It is a tool that belongs to Google and offers you very reliable information. Although its limitations are indeed greater when compared to some payment tools.


It is one of the easiest SEO tools to use, since it has a very intuitive operational and functional way. This makes it one of the indispensable tools in SEO for Startups.

The information it offers is very wide and varied, although without a doubt the most important indicators to take into account are:

  • The positioning of the website itself
  • Keywords for which you are ranking
  • Opportunities that is, keywords for which you could position
  • The situation of the main competitors
  • Broken links
  • AMP implementations

Although other tools can also do some of its tasks, this is one of the most complete.


Its main functionalities are very similar to those of SEMRush, although it has certain peculiarities in the way it works. Both tools are paid, although the cost is low considering the benefits that can be obtained.

Of course, if in the future you want to exploit the SEM, it is better to use SEMRush.

Screaming frog

This tool is a bit more complicated to use than the previous two, but you can explore any information hidden behind a URL.

It is a kind of SEO Spider capable of reaching data such as: Javascript, HTML, images, CSS files, etc.


It’s a great tool for backlink auditing as it can analyze all of them and extract highly relevant data.

In addition, it not only allows you to know the internal and external links of the website itself, but also allows you to analyze any other website.

Optimize SEO on Page

SEO on Page means all the improvements and strategies that are made to optimize a website.

They are actions that will allow you to climb positions in the SERP.

These are strategies aimed at improving search engine crawling, such as:

  • Know the keywords for which it is positioned (and for which it can be positioned) to optimize the texts by including the largest number of keywords naturally.
  • Optimize the URLs so that they are SEO friendly or the same in short and with the main keyword, so that the search engines understand better what the matter is about to position them.
  • Convert all the web’s main titles into H1 where the strategic keyword of the page in question appears.
  • Confirm that the multimedia contents do not weigh a quintal. In general, it is recommended that its size does not exceed 100kb so that the page is fast and comfortable for users.
  • Ensure that the web design adapts to any device – tablet, mobile or desktop computer – so that the navigability and user experience are optimal. That is, make your website responsive.
  • Take advantage of interlinking to improve web positioning, connecting some pages with other pages on the web itself. With this, Google and other search engines can get a more complete idea of ​​what your website (and your business) is about to position correctly.

Work SEO off Page

To improve the visibility and positioning of a website, it is also important to work on factors external to the site, among which the Link Building or the art of working with external linking stands out.

Link Building

It is a strategy to actively get links. There are two types of link: dofollow and nofollow.

The objective of making our website appear linked to another website through an anchor text or anchor text is to achieve visibility and notoriety.

The best thing for a website is that the links are dofollow, since they give strength to the site, but the nofollow also help beneficially, although to a lesser extent.

There are several ways to carry out link building, although these are the ones that produce the best results:

  • Appear in the guest authors section of other pages or blogs
  • Hire links in media with high visibility
  • Publish press releases and releases in the media

The world of SEO is immense and there is a wide variety of strategies and actions that can improve SEO for Startups like yours.

Getting a good strategy and elevating your business to the highest levels in the world of search engines can be a great challenge.

Thus, the best companies dedicate part of their budget to have the help of experts in SEO and other complementary marketing strategies, such as SEM and web analytics, which help them level up in search engines such as Google.

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