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Renata de Abreu Shares Valuable Aspects of an Ayurveda Care

Ayurveda is a medicine that has been in use for centuries by Indians – and now this natural healing art has been spread worldwide, helping people find relief from pains that seemed impossible to get rid of.

Renata de Abreu, a highly acclaimed Brazilian Spa consultant, and Ayurvedic coach has spent many years working in the spa industries, establishing her own spa, ‘Sunny Isles,’ in Florida. Her spa is centered on teaching individuals a wide range of esthetic and therapeutic techniques in Jamaica, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, and the United States.

As someone who was used to a marathon runner and a triathlete, she wishes to promote healthy practices among her clients – where she has found the use of Ayurveda to be highly effective in helping people get the proper healthcare they need to maintain a prosperous way of living their lives.

Weight Loss Booster

One of the best things about Ayurvedic treatment is that it reduces your body pains and helps in getting rid of some of the extra calories attached to you.

Without affecting your emotional and physical stability, an Ayurvedic specialist – in this case Renata – will prescribe you a healthy diet plan which will bring about a significant change in your weight. Some of the benefits that will come about through this plan include the removal of extra fat from your tissues, skin purification, regulating blood circulation, and much more.

Hormonal Control

Imbalanced hormones can result in all kinds of problems in the body, causing the body to be a victim of issues beyond its control.

Renata utilized Ayurvedic procedures to help women have a balanced hormone system, resulting in a healthy menstrual cycle and reducing any pregnancy-related problems. This type of treatment usually involves detoxification of the body, specific kinds of exercises, and a morning body massage known as Abhyanga.

Reliefs Stress

Ayurveda and yoga have a deep connection with one another – and since yoga is known for getting rid of stress, Ayurveda does the same, but better.

Renata talks about the inner workings of Ayurvedic treatment that can help relieve stress through different methods such as Dinacharya, which refers to waking up from your slumber before the sun rises and is said to bring peace to one’s mind. Meditation and drinking green tea were also derived from Ayurvedic teaches which describe how these can trigger anti-stress properties that relax the body and reduce anxiety.

And that’s not all! Ayurveda is filled with mystery and secrets to improve one’s health which only experts like Renata have studied. To make Ayurvedic practices known to the world, Renata wrote a book called ‘Ayurveda Modo de Viver e suasOrigens’ which is scheduled to be released in 2021. It is a social project she has been working on to teach underprivileged kids how they can perform Ayurvedic practices to prevent various kinds of diseases and improve overall mental and physical stability.

If you are curious to know more about Ayurveda, check out Renata’s Instagram where she talks about this treatment in more detail. Moreover, you can even approach her assistance more quickly if you wish to ask for her expertise in helping you get the Ayurvedic care you need to improve your lifestyle for the best.

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