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Five Reasons why you should Include Podcasting in Your Advertising Budget in 2021

The possibilities offered by the digital world to spread a business are increasingly widespread. However, many brands focus only on the more conventional channels, forgetting the potential others have, such as the podcast. If you are an entrepreneur and want to publicize your brand on the Internet, take advantage of the podcast’s enormous potential.

Here we explain the five reasons to choose this broadcast format and how to get the most out of it.

Why make a podcast?

First of all, let’s be clear about what a podcast is to differentiate it from conventional radio. It comes from the concept of ‘play on-demand cast,’ which means ‘broadcast to listen on demand.’

The podcast has brought a revolution to the radio just as YouTube did to television. Before, only a few people could broadcast, those who had TV channels, and today anyone can share videos only with Smartphone’s and an Internet connection. To make a podcast, you need an idea, a microphone, and a computer.

However, we must differentiate the pure podcast from the on-demand audios that many radios offer today. Although there are more and more podcasting platforms such as iVoox, Apple Store, or Spotify, podcasting is based initially on uploading audio to a web server and creating an RSS feed to subscribe.

Nowadays, digital platforms have allowed people without technical knowledge to listen and upload podcasts with ease, and that is why it is becoming more and more popular.

People spend a lot of time on the go

On the way to work, waiting for the bus, driving errands, cleaning the house… there are many hours a day that people can consume information while on the move. In these types of activities, it can be challenging to read a blog, for example. Instead, listening to a podcast on an exciting topic is an alternative that more users are joining.

Nowadays, there are podcasts of all subjects and fields: marketing programs, cooking, history, current affairs… Courses in podcasting format, audiobooks, and much more. Companies of all sectors and sizes have the opportunity to use this resource to make them known.

Podcasting has increased interest in recent years

Five years ago, only a few ‘geeks’ who loved this format knew what a podcast was. On the other hand, today, it is becoming a more popular term, although many companies still do not give their marketing strategies importance. This is where the opportunity appears because there is more demand than supply, unlike in other areas.

There are several essential data to consider about the increase in the podcast’s interest and awareness in recent years.

  • In 2006, only 22% of consumers knew what a podcast was, but in 2019 more than 64% of consumers knew about podcasting (Statista)
  • Two-thirds of podcast listeners take action on ads and product recommendations.

The podcast is an inexpensive way to produce valuable content

Unlike making videos, the podcast is much less costly in terms of production and editing. It depends on the quality of the podcast, but to achieve a professional result, you need:

  • A professional microphone
  • A computer that allows audio editing
  • An editing program like Audacity or similar

Besides, there may be additional expenses if you want to professionalize the podcast further:

  • Hire an announcer to give an introduction
  • Buy song rights to use in the program.
  • Hire guests to do interviews

The podcast strengthens the brand and loyalty

Building trust is one of the priorities of brands, which allows a potential client to choose you over another. To achieve this, it is essential to become close and close to the users. This is a real challenge if you are many miles away, on the other side of the screen, and if you automate your marketing.

That’s where the podcast comes in with its particular way of transmitting proximity in the distance. Imagine that every night before bed, you listen to your favorite podcaster. It’s like it’s inside your house; it becomes a very familiar voice. That is the advantage of the podcast over having a blog or posting posts on social networks.

For example, if you have a psychology consultation and on your podcast, you answer questions daily, it is easier for people to choose you as their psychologist if they need to hire one. They will choose a familiar voice that provides valuable content regularly much sooner than a stranger with an exquisite website.

There is less competition than in other channels

The market is very saturated because the digital world’s fever is increasing more and more, and more today since the pandemic. Besides, while it is true that technology allows companies to reach an international market, it also competes with the entire global market.

How to make a difference with so many brands making themselves known on social networks and trying to position themselves on Google? The podcast increases every day in popularity, and yet few brands use it. That’s where that competitive advantage comes in that you can take advantage of one of the pioneers, giving your brand an added positioning value.

Tips for making a successful podcast

One of the doubts that may arise when making a podcast is whether you should make it free or not. Some podcasters monetize their shows, but you may want to offer it for free if you’re going to use the podcast as a marketing tool. So you can earn for the customers you get, for your services themselves, after they are interested in your brand by listening to your podcasts at no cost.

You may have thought of podcasting as an alternative to blogging, but it’s supported. What’s more, it is recommended that you take advantage of the content created in your program to also offer it as text on the blog. You can add your audio at the end of the article for those who want to listen to it. You won’t even have to manually transcribe the audio because technology today allows you to transcribe audio to text by easily converting an mp3 file to text.

When uploading the audio, what to do? Upload it on your website or a platform? If you add it to your website, you will always control the material and your autonomy. The advantage of uploading it to a platform is that you can take advantage of it as a broadcast channel.

Ideally, you should host the audio on your web server and upload the podcast to as many platforms as possible, linking your podcast feed to each one.

Thus, every time you upload a new podcast episode on your site, it will be automatically added to each of the channels on each platform.

These are some of the best-known podcasting platforms with the most listeners:

  • iVoox

iTunes, worldwide known and of great value to reach Apple users of both iPhone and iMac and certain vehicles that include iTunes.

  • Spotify

To get your podcast’s maximum diffusion, do not forget to add the keywords in each of the platforms. Also, asking for positive reviews on your recording will increase the chances that the podcast will grow in popularity over time.

Finally, don’t forget that your podcasts include a call to action or call to action at each program’s end. For example, you can invite people to visit your website, subscribe to the podcast, take advantage of a promotion, participate in a free webinar, hire a paid service, or buy a product.


As you can see, the podcast is your golden opportunity to boost your brand on the Internet. There are thousands of potential clients out there who can take advantage of their daily commute or home activities to hear your advice.

More and more of them are interested in podcasting, and there is certainly not as much competition as in other areas for you to stand out with your brand. Take advantage because podcasting is becoming more and more successful, and it does not involve a high cost of realization.

You only need to have valuable content associated with your brand to share with your potential or regular customers. Once you are clear about what you have to communicate, you will have to have the necessary hardware and a software program that allows you to edit and upload the content. And ready!

Good luck with your launch in the world of podcasting. May you be very successful!

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