Organize Your Home to Start the Year with Space
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Organize Your Home to Start the Year with Space

Sometimes an attachment is generated to objects that no longer serve worse than act as memories. It must be selective.

Maybe one of your resolutions for the coming year is to keep your spaces in order. The closet is one of the rooms that can tend to present more disorder due to the clothes’ continuous movement. However, there are gurus of order like the Japanese Marie Kondo, who have helped thousands with their advice to organize.

Beyond the visual pleasure that an environment can offer with each element on your site, the order is part of the methods to combat stress and anxiety. The Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin study maintain that people who live in cluttered places are more likely to have depression and also fatigue.


The key to organizing all items according to Kondo is that they are placed vertically. In this position, it is easier and more comfortable to see and remove the clothes. But before you start ordering, there is an important step that cannot be ignored, cleaning.

The Japanese have proposed that before getting rid of a garment, the owner should hold it in his hands and feel if she makes him happy or not. In that part, emotions are involved. If the person decides that she no longer wants to have hers in her life, she should let her go with gratitude for having served as clothing. This practice is shown in the Netflix reality show To order with Marie Kondo.

Do not save more for feelings of pain; what has already completed its cycle is time to put it aside so that there is the possibility of new articles entering. When you finish, you should keep a third of what you had, according to the Konmari method.

Later you can start to classify, but one of the tips is that everything must be visible and at hand. If you have clothes for different climates, do not hide them. Give them an easily accessible space but give priority to what you use at the moment.

Folding your clothes correctly will save you space and headaches:

1. Stretch the garment

The first thing to do is stretch the garment completely on a flat surface.

2. Fold in

Fold one of the sides to the center. It should be about a third. Then do it with the opposite side.

3. You fold on it

Fold the garment on itself, but it has to be left a bit, then fold it again in the same way so that there is a kind of package, which will be easy to accommodate in the drawers of your choice.

One method for everything

Maria Gallay is a professional organizer who works in Spain, and she is also the author of the book The Power of order: a therapy against chaos. She uses the 5S method, a technique launched by the Toyota Company, and it is a method used in educational institutions, hospitals, and more. “It is about organizing by following five steps: classify, order, clean, standardize and maintain discipline,”.

The most complex phase is to maintain the habit of organizing. However, the payoff is the practicality that your life will acquire and therefore save time on a daily basis.

Cleaning and organizing your closet and other places might be the least weight you are looking for.

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