AirPods 3, with the design of the AirPods Pro
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These Would be the New AirPods 3, with the Design of the AirPods Pro

The new AirPods 3 would be very close, their design already filtered in the form of computer-created images that reveal important changes and some surprises.

The AirPods are still the most desired wireless headphones in the world and probably the most influential. Its design has ‘inspired’ the entire industry when it has not been directly copied; however, that is one of the reasons why it already feels out of date.

Most of the new wireless earbuds have abandoned the AirPods design; even Apple itself decided to go another way with the AirPods Pro, especially for noise cancellation to work better.

That leaves the most basic AirPods in a somewhat odd place. They are still one of the best sellers, but a new generation is expected this year; And unlike the second generation of AirPods, whose main novelty was the case with wireless charging, the third will be very different.

3rd Generation Airpods

That Apple is preparing new AirPods was something we already knew, but it is now that the first image of its design has been leaked; and yes, they look like AirPods Pro.

However, as we have already said, the new AirPods are not exactly a secret, and the computer image fits with what has been leaked specifically, that the headphones will look much more like those of the AirPods Pro, including a much shorter ‘pistil’ and that it will not be so noticeable when we wear them.

What may surprise more than one is that the rest of the headset is different; that is, Apple has not simply taken AirPods Pro and removed active noise cancellation, as we might think. This is evident in the fact that these headphones do not have pads, following Apple’s classic style that introduced with the Earphones, the headphones that were previously included with the iPhone.

The AirPods Pro have pads to prevent external noise from entering and thus make noise cancellation more effective; but they also serve to better fit the earpiece in the ear, which is why many people do not like normal AirPods, which simply rest in the opening of the ear with nothing to hold them in place.

AirPods 3

Like The Airpods Pro, Or Not?

Apple’s choice to keep that same design will be controversial. It seems clear that the company wants to make it easy to differentiate normal AirPods from Pro, even with the design change. Still, Apple is one of the few brands that still offer this kind of padless design.

This also seems to confirm that noise cancellation will be exclusive to the AirPods Pro, and that it will ultimately not be offered on the most basic model. Again, let’s compare them to other brands. There are already many models with noise cancellation for lower prices than the AirPods, but that does not seem to be a concern for Apple, which is confident that its superior algorithms are reason to jump to the Pro. if we really want to isolate ourselves.

The other big change in the design we will see in the charging case, which will now be smaller like the headphones. Otherwise, technical improvements are expected, including new audio chips to improve sound and latency; that means the new AirPods could also be compatible with the spatial sound debuted on the AirPods Pro, unless Apple makes that feature exclusive as well.

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