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Most Demanded Job Opportunities in the Digital Age

We live in an era where the way of working and the profiles that companies seek have changed. With the advent of digitization, many companies are looking for digital profiles. Also, the latter has been greatly promoted with the arrival of telework due to the coronavirus.

New professions appear every day and new ways of contributing to our society’s progress through technological specialization in all sectors. The digital revolution has come to stay and face this reality, it is best to make a dent, as the saying goes: renew or die.

It is possible that some of the options interest you and you decide to bet on studying something new or in greater depth to open new doors. Don’t forget that studying is never too late.

For a greater impact on your studies and working life you can get an EMBA. These are master’s degrees aimed at executives, entrepreneurs and managers who carry out vital work for companies and know very well how the business world works.

If you are looking for a job or thinking about what to specialize in the digital world, surely you have seen job offers in which they are looking for profiles such as Account Manager or SEO Specialist. Both are just two of the most in-demand digital professions. In this article, we are going to leave you a list of the most demanded professional profiles of the digital age.

5 Job offers with the greatest Job Opportunities in the Digital Age

Online Marketing

Today almost 30% of purchases are made through digital channels, which require profiles that keep online businesses competitive. For this, SEO and SEM positioning professionals are needed so that websites and online stores appear in the first position in Google search engines.

Another key piece in digital marketing is the content planners and creators, the Content Managers, as well as the social media managers, the so-called Community Managers. These professionals are essential in business to take care of the client’s relationship with the brand, making it more efficient and satisfactory for both.

Cybersecurity Experts

In Spain, during confinement, the demand for these professionals increased to 60%. We are talking about specialists who are in charge of protecting company information systems against all kinds of threats on the network.

This is one of the biggest concerns for companies when working in the cloud and telematically. Cybersecurity experts can prevent data from being leaked or stolen.

Computer Engineering

Computer engineers control company systems in specialties such as web servers, digital messaging, or databases.

Telecommunications engineering also plays a key role. And it is that in the hyperconnected world that we live in, that telecommunication systems work is essential for companies to be able to carry out their activity correctly and communicate with partners and clients.


The copywriter is the editor of the so-called copys or advertisements. He is also the professional who develops the idea or concept that will eventually become the ad.

The main function of this professional is to find different ways to persuade the user to end up buying the product.

UX Designer

Now more than ever, within the web world, the design is related to selling and understanding the user. For that reason, designers have become indispensable within marketing teams.

The UX designer takes care of how the user is going to feel and use the product. His main responsibility is to ensure that the product flows logically in use.

One of the UX designer’s tasks is to perform tests to check the user’s behavior regarding the design of the application. Also, the UX takes care of creating wireframes, storyboards, sitemaps, or routes.

A design problem does not have a single solution, so the UX designer’s job is to explore the different ways to solve a problem and identify the best one.

As you can see, the digital age world is a world of options that opens up for those who find the new professional opportunities offered by the digital environment attractive.

Anyway, today, all professions, from doctors, philosophers, artists, educators, etc. they are affected and empowered by digitization and can find new avenues of growth and professional development in it.

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