Fleur de Sel

Is Fleur de Sel worth buying?

Many of us are not aware that salt comes in different forms, sizes, colors, and shapes. When someone mentions the word ‘Salt’, the image of the white salt comes to our minds that we easily find on our table. The table salt that we conveniently get is the result of the long process that makes it ready and available for consumers to consume at any time but little do we know that there is salt in the world which are naturally and organically harvested, crushed, and packed and are very ready to consume. There are many natural salts that contain various minerals which are quite essential for human overall health development.

Among all the varieties of Salt, nature has blessed us with the most unique natural salt; one of the purest among all is called Fleur De Sel. This salt became well known in the 12th century mainly in Europe for its uniqueness. This crunchy and raw Fleur de Sel, “flower of salt” is a true gem prized and is considered as one of the world’s finest and rarest salts. Fleur De Sel Pyramid Crystals are rare, flaky salt crystals made by carefully scraping the top crust of the salt in harvesting ponds. Salt is produced by natural methods involving sunlight and wind. This salt has no artificial flavors or additives. It has a delicate natural flavor and a heavy concentration of minerals.

Fleur de Sel is pretty much known for its harvesting methods. Since it is very delicate and light, this salt is handpicked. 870 years back women were given the task to harvest Fleur de Sel by hand as this was too delicate of a job for men and till this date the method of hand-harvesting is being used which is one of the main reasons that this salt has gained so much fame for its prestige ways of harvesting.

Many chefs around the world prefer Fleur De Sel for its distinctive taste and appearance. This salt has been widely used as a garnishing salt for its lasting effect. Fleur de Sel’s high moisture content retains a certain briny flavor from the sea. It’s a delicate, flaky salt. This moisture content encourages the salt crystals to stick together on your tongue, causing the flavor to be perceived more intensely.

A common article like salt makes a lot of questions about why to invest so much in a simple table spice.

Fleur De Sel is mainly selected for its different tastes and texture. When you compare the fleur de Sel with your ordinary table salt, you quickly realize that the two are incomparable. It has been the favorite of everyone for years especially by locals for its naturally beautiful state which is free of all additives. One can worry less by purchasing this since this salt never goes through an unnatural man-made process. It is all-natural and has minerals naturally. Hence the reason Fleur De Sel is called the Flower of salt. This white gold that adorns your plate is a real jewel of the Earth.

Top Chefs advise using this gourmet salt as a finishing element giving a crisp savory finish. Try it on top of your roasted chicken or sprinkle it on top with brown butter sage radishes to enhance these earthy flavors. Take it a step further and match it with sweet flavor profiles such as summer melon or sweet like chocolate. With such a rare ingredient as Fleur de Sel, you can truly go crazy by discovering its wide range of uses. This is an unmissable item in your Parisian pantry.


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