Colors of the Year in Your Outfit

How to Use the Colors of the Year in Your Outfit

Pantone has selected two colors to define this 2021, offering a hopeful and excellent air. Learn about alternatives to implement the “Ultimate Gray” and the “Illuminating,” their meaning, vibes and contrasts to show them off.

Pantone has made its dictation. The colors directly influence our state of mind and, of course, the image when dressing; and that’s why Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (as the company calls them) come with a special message.

Why the color of the year?

The Pantone Company, recognized in the design industry, has been developing trend reports around the theme of color for twenty years and coding the millions of existing tones, with the intention of giving importance to its strength on human behavior. This is how since then, he dictates one (or two colors) to represent each year.

This 2021 has been the turn of gray (Ultimate Gray) and yellow (Illuminating). They explain: “The combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 reinforces the spirit and highlights our need to be seen, to have visibility, to be recognized and for our voices to be heard. A combination of colors whose links to ideas, innovation and intuition, as well as respect for wisdom, experience and intelligence, inspire a sense of regeneration and project us towards new ways of thinking and conceptualizing”, indicates Leatrice Eiseman, director of Pantone.

How to take it to the closet?

The recommendation in terms of fashion and shopping is to first recognize how feasible it will be to use the trend colors before going to acquire garments of those tones. Therefore, being gray in this case, a very recurring color in our day to day, the ideal will be to differentiate in which garments or accessories we want to wear.

Regarding the selected yellow, as it is a bright and complex tone to combine; it may be suggested to start with small accessories: a wallet, a handkerchief, shoes, bracelet or even a hair applique. Test if it is indeed to our liking and combines with the rest of the things in our wardrobe, and there yes launch to add some other garment in this color.

What if I want it to decorate?

Better. In fact, Pantone proposes many ideas (it can be reviewed on Pinterest) to include it in work or relaxation spaces, where we feel comfortable with this strong contrast.

Knowing that colors transmit vibes lead us to specific thoughts depending on where we use them and how we interpret them, but also that it is an opportunity to connect with our style when dressing.

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