How to Take Care of Your Feet

How to Take Care of Your Feet

We must always do to have perfect and cared for feet to pay them adequate attention throughout the year.

In winter, we get lazy. Our feet are always under the protection of boots or closed shoes so, by still wearing them covered; we leave them to their fate for better times. But it is a big mistake.

Our feet suffer in winter and summer. In winter, they must withstand the cold, humidity, sudden changes in temperature. In spring, we begin to show them shyly, and depending on the “crazy” day those dawns, we will go from boots to sandals almost overnight. When the sun and heat begin to stabilize at the end of spring, we remember them, and we hope they look their best as closed shoes and boots go into the closet to wait fall.

But if we have not done proper maintenance during the winter and the beginning of spring, how can we expect that they will be perfect on the first day of sandals?

Main problems that we find in spring when we have not taken care of our feet in winter

  • Dryness on the sole or in the heels
  • Scuffs from shoes or boots
  • Cracks
  • Calluses
  • Bunions
  • Excessive sweating
  • Odor of feet
  • Poorly groomed, cracked nails or lack of vitamins

Tricks to have perfect and cared feet at any time of the year

These tricks to have flawless and cared-for feet are tips that we must apply in all seasons of the year. Suppose you can maintain a particular routine during the harsh winter with your pedicure, either at home or professionally, the first sunny day that you want to rerelease them. In that case, they will be in a more than the acceptable state.

Minimal maintenance, whether home or professional

We advise you to do at least a home or professional pedicure once a month in autumn and winter. Even if the hot days have not yet started, the first days of spring perform the pedicure every 15 days. Once the summer is installed, we advise you not to forget about them beyond once a week because in summer, being practically on the air 24 hours a day, they tend to dry out and even crack your heels, appearing these unsightly marks that even they can bleed or be painful. What is worse, they can cause infections causing more severe problems.

What should daily maintenance consist of?

The first thing that we should always have as a rule when we get out of our daily shower is to take special care when it comes to drying the feet well, emphasizing the areas where the fingers are separated. The accumulation of moisture can cause corns, calluses, and infections.

If you discover that you have some hardness, it is time to tackle it without further delay. Use a specific file for heels and calluses. Subsequently, it closes and heals the affected skin with a pumice stone.

If the hardness is very significant and challenging, it will be necessary to cut the dead and hardened skin. There are specific cutters for this purpose that you can find in any shopping center or specialized store, but you must be very careful when using them. Although they are relatively easy to use, you can go overboard and cut into healthy skin, causing a wound much caution.

Your feet are always cared for and perfect.

Next, and once the remains of the file, pumice stone, or hardness cutter have been removed with a towel, we will apply a cream that contains salicylic acid, urea, or Shea butter that will contribute to the stimulation of cell renewal and improve healing.

If your cracks are intense, hydrocolloid patches can be useful as they help heal the area, producing the necessary moisture and healing the fissures. But for this, the skin around the crack must be fully hydrated.

If you do not have issues, in your situation, with corns, cracks, or calluses once the area has dried well, as we have mentioned before, never forget to hydrate them in depth. Your body cream can be used by massaging your feet until completely absorbed. If you notice that they need more hydration, use the specific creams that exist on the market. The important thing is always consistency.

If you apply these simple tips and are constant, you will have perfect and cared for feet all year round.

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