How to Obtain Online Visas for Business Travel

How to Obtain Online Visas for Business Travel

Doing business with other countries is an opportunity that many entrepreneurs dedicate themselves to. Both sell in other countries, buy in foreign countries and sell in ours.

Getting a visa before was quite cumbersome. Now, most visas are processed online. For example, to travel to India, the e-visa can be applied online. You do not need to take your passport to the consulate or anywhere else. The India visa is received in a few days in the email.

What is a Visa?

The visa is a document that some countries request, allowing the bearer to enter a foreign country legally. The visa used to be stamped or stuck in the bearer’s passport. There are usually different types of visas depending on the trip’s purpose, be it business, tourism, and study, to work. Now, to visit most countries, visas are requested online and in a matter of days, you have it in your email.

What is an evisa?

An eVisa, or electronic visa, is a digital visa stored in a database instead of being stamped or pasted on the bearer’s passport. The eVisa is linked to the person’s passport number. Applications for eVisas are generally made via the Internet and the applicant will receive a paper document, PDF, to present while traveling.

In each country, this electronic visa has a name like the ESTA in the US, the eVisitor for Australia, the eTA in Canada, the e-visa in India or the NZeta in New Zealand. These visas are usually used for both business and tourism. These electronic visas replace the cumbersome visas of yesteryear.

What is a Business Visa?

A business visa allows the bearer to enter the host country and engage in business activities without joining that country’s labor market. For example, a person may require a business visa if they are traveling to a country to do business with another company or attend a conference, event, or trade fair.

For which countries need a business visa?

Except for almost all Ibero-American and European countries, a visa is required, both for doing business and for tourism. Countries like Canada. The United States, India, China, Australia, Vietnam, Russia, Kenya, Egypt, New Zealand, Cuba or Arab countries require a visa to enter the country.

Getting business travel visas is very easy and fast. We are going to see how to get a visa for two very common countries in business trips. India and USA.

Apply for a visa for India

Applying for a business visa for India is very simple because you can apply for an eBussines visa at any time of the day, online, in a very simple way. Approval takes no more than a week and there is no physical document to present.

It is as easy as filling out a form. Also, you can apply for a visa for one or more travelers at the same time. In the form, you have to fill in contact information, travel information, accommodation, and each traveler’s personal information.

Once all the fields have been filled in, the visa is requested, paid, and it will reach the email in a week. You have to print it and carry it with you throughout the trip.

The visa is valid for one year with a maximum time of stay in the country of 180 days, which can be consecutive or in different periods. It can be done in a year, for example, 60 trips of three days.

India offers many business opportunities. India is the second country globally in number of inhabitants (1,300 million) and is growing at 7%. Salaries are not very high and they are boosting foreign investment a lot.

Apply for ESTA for business trips to the United States

The ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is an automated system for requesting permission to travel to the US. It is an agreement of the United States government with 39 countries, whose inhabitants are exempt from applying for a visa for 90-day trips, for tourism or business.

In exchange, you have to apply for the ESTA, an application that is processed online in a very simple and fast way, without going to the US embassy or consulates.

You have to fill out a form, pay the fees, which are less than € 30, and, shortly after, you will receive the ESTA in your email.

The ESTA is valid for two years and during that period, you can make the trips you want with a maximum stay of 90 days.

There is the possibility of requesting an urgent ESTA. You have to check that box at the time of application, with which you can obtain, if there are no problems, permission in an hour.


For most countries online visas are already available, very easy to get online. Also, you can apply for an online visa for several travelers from the same form. Ideal for business trips where more than one person is traveling.

Even so, even though they are quick procedures, it is advisable to plan our business trips.

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