How to have Soft and Hydrated Hands

How to have Soft and Hydrated Hands

Have soft and hydrated hands. Why is it so hard to take care of them?

In countries like Japan, most companies don’t do business with people who don’t have flawless hands. Like the Japanese, many successful professionals in Western societies look at their hands, in addition to clothing, when interviewing future workers or conducting business with others. Hands are part of our cover letter. So why don’t we give them the importance they deserve?

In our day to day, depending on the work we do with them, they deteriorate sooner or later. Nails lose their shine, becoming weak and therefore breaking. The cuticle shows a dry appearance, and the skin is rough and lacking in hydration. We must also take into account factors such as age or health. Hands dry out due to aging, lack of nutrients, smoking, and exposure to the sun.

Good maintenance of the appearance of our hands is essential. To do this, a manicure every 15 or 30 days is necessary to take care of them and always keep them in perfect condition. But to have soft and hydrated hands, we must not forget small daily acts at home that will reinforce their appearance and keep them as fresh from a manicure.

Hydrating our hands daily should be part of our beauty routine. Just as we hydrate our face to start the day, our hands have to start the morning hydrated and nourished.

We recommend that you use specific moisturizing creams for hands that contain natural ingredients such as rosehip, olive oil, aloe vera, shea butter, or argan oil.

Hand Care


It is also important to exfoliate them to avoid that rough texture that they acquire over time. With exfoliation, we remove the dead cells accumulated in the outermost layer of the skin. There are specific products for this, but you can also achieve similar results with products that we all have at home, such as sugar or coarse salt.

If you have very dry or rough hands in your case, you can mix the sugar or coarse salt with a little olive oil. This exfoliation can be done once a week by massaging your hands as if you were soaping them, rinsing them later with warm water.

Perfect Nails

Nails can change the look of our hands. To have the best appearance on your nails, you should not forget to do a manicure every 15 or 30 days, but diet also influences. Common marks such as small white spots that tend to appear too often or nails that break very easily are usually symptoms of possible nutritional deficiencies.

Do you always have cold hands?

Always cold hands are usually symptoms of poor circulation in the extremities. It is very typical that those who have cold hands also have cold feet. Blood must circulate naturally through our extremities to provide the necessary nutrients.

We recommend that you massage your hands frequently with ginger oil, but if you do not have it, at least with oil that gives them heat when rubbing and, as we have said before, hydrates them. Taking hot and cold baths activates blood circulation.

Excessive Sweating

Some people suffer from excessive sweating on their hands. This, in addition to being an unsightly problem, is usually caused by a nervous disorder. The way to treat it naturally is with vegetable sulfur. You will find it in herbalists, and the way to use it is the same as talcum powder. Easy.

Having soft and hydrated hands is not that difficult. With these little daily habits and a manicure done by professional experts, your hands will look healthy and make a difference.

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