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How much Data of your Mobile Rate do you Use When Using Social Networks?

How much Data of your Mobile Rate do you Use When Consulting Social Networks?

A study by Digi Web Talks points out that we spend 4 hours and 10 minutes a day using the mobile phone.

The same report points out that what we spend more time on is social media.

The images and videos of the networks are the elements that make us consume the most Megas of the mobile rate.

We spend, on average, four hours and 10 minutes a day using their mobile phones, according to a study by Digi Web Talks. The same report indicates that 60% of the population admits that the first and last thing they do every day is looking at their mobile. Regarding the type of activity they do with the smartphone; the most widespread use is entering social networks (22.1%).

As these are widely used platforms and to which most of the population dedicates several hours throughout the day, it is inevitable that the consumption of mobile data will skyrocket as a consequence of the time invested in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok, for citing some examples.

This causes that, sometimes, the receipts that arrive home are very bulky. To avoid these scares at the end of the month, a good part of the smartphones give details of the time of use of the mobile and the data consumed by each application. These statistics can help you to contract a rate that best suits your mobile Internet consumption.

To get a more approximate idea, we explain how much data we consume by consulting social networks.

Instagram Consumption

It is one of the social networks that consume the most. It is estimated that, for each photo, about 0.5 MB is consumed and, for each minute, we look at the feed, 1.5 MB. Instagram is also a social network that allows you to upload videos: for every minute, between 2 and 3 MB are consumed.

On the other hand, there are the stories, which are images and videos published for only 24 hours. For each level, it is estimated that 3 MB are consumed. As for the direct ones, the expense shoots up to 10 MB per minute.

If we see 100 photos with a mobile data connection throughout a day, the consumption is 50 MB and, if we add that in the last 24 hours, we have seen another 100 stories, they are almost 300 MB more consumed. Between photos and stories, we will have spent 350 MB in one day, just over a third of what is 1 GB.

Facebook Consumption

The consumption of mobile data on Facebook is very similar to that of Instagram. In part, it has to do with the fact that Facebook also owns Instagram and that, for the most part, photos and videos are also shared on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

For each text post, the consumption is 0.2 MB, while if the publication has a photo, it rises to 1 MB. Every minute of a video happens as in Instagram; the consumption moves between 2 and 3 MB. For being a minute connected in the social network, the cost is 1 MB.

Twitter Consumption

Compared to Instagram and Facebook, this social network consumes less mobile data. With 1 MB, 17 tweets can be made. Of course, if it is a single tweet with a photo, the consumption becomes 0.25 MB. Regarding navigation, for every minute, 1 MB is spent.

TikTok Consumption

Their posts are simply videos, so consumption is more pronounced. For each 15-second video viewed, the consumption is 0.75 MB. To upload a video of the same length takes almost 10 MB.

Considering that you can upload and watch videos for up to a minute and that, without realizing it, you can see almost 100 videos, the app itself has an option that allows you to save data.

To do so, we enter our profile. In the upper strip, on the right, there are three vertical points. When pressed, numerous options appear, and the one to select is “General.” After “General,” click on “Data saving” and slide the bar that seems to activate the function.

What must be taken into account to choose the mobile rate?

Knowing this data, we can get a more precise idea of ​​the total amount of MB or GB that can be consumed in a month due to social networks and other applications. To consult social networks, it is better to do it connected to Wi-Fi to avoid spending a lot of mobile data.

Some companies offer 10 GB rates and unlimited calls for 10 Euros a month or even 20 GB for less than 14 Euros. At 10GB, you could consume about 0.3GB (more than 300MB) per day.

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