Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips from Dr. Rinky Kapoor

Even if you’ve never had dreamy, supple and thick hair, you can keep beautiful hair, as long as you take care of it! Hair is like skin: from your forties, it changes, because the metabolism slows down. They can then are refined, lose their elasticity. They also break more easily and when they fall, they don’t grow back as quickly as they should. The texture can also change, causing frizz to appear on the contours of the face. The fiber becomes drier, therefore more difficult to comb.

To regain substance and density, the hair fiber needs to be “plumped”. Some hair ranges, targeted “anti-aging”, contain lipid-replenishing agents (liposomes, omega 3, 6 …), acting both on the scalp and on the fiber. Masks treat in depth, while shampoos intervene only on the surface to restore maximum shine.

It is therefore necessary to limit everything that damages the hair: chemical attacks (coloring, discoloration, smoothing, etc.), mechanical (plates, dryer, brushing, etc.) or climatic (wind, sun, pollution). And focus on solutions that strengthen and protect them.

Dr. Rinky Kapoor is a hair care expert who contributed to the development of QR 678, a revolutionary hair growth treatment. She is also the co-founder of The Esthetics Clinics, one of India’s largest skin and hair treatment centers. Dr. Rinky is a globally renowned dermatologist and one of the major forces behind The Esthetics Clinics. Needless to say, she knows a thing or two about hair care. Here are a few tips that she wants to share.

Adopt “Caress Brushing”

Badly disentangled hair is hair that breaks more easily, especially when it ages. In order to rid the hair of dust and other pollution residues, remember to detangle it thoroughly morning and evening, and before each shampoo. Proceed in stages, from the bottom to the top, without brutality (without pulling on any knots) with a soft boar bristle brush or a horn comb.

Clean Them Gently

Whatever its frequency, this washing operation must be carried out gently while respecting the scalp and the hair fiber: a dab of shampoo, preferably without sulfates, massaging very gently without rubbing the scalp or the lengths. And we end up rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Give Light

More luminosity in the hair makes it possible to erase the shadows on the face and to find a good glow, which is sometimes lacking. With tone-on-tone coloring, you can lighten a tone or a tone and a half compared to its base color, in order to obtain a natural and transparent result, with a minimum of maintenance.

Enhance Their Natural Color

Most often, it suffices to perk up the hair that has become dull with a very moisturizing treatment. For example, by regularly applying hair oil before shampooing. The hair thus regains all its shine. This can allow those who don’t have too much gray hair to delay switching to coloring. Lighter hair will go unnoticed in the mass of well-groomed hair.

Refresh the Tips

Whether your hair is short or long, have it cut regularly! A good fit is essential for feeling beautiful. Make an appointment every three months at least (more often if they grow quickly), to refresh the structure of your cut and keep a beautiful material without split ends or damaged tips, which ultimately damage the entire length of the hair.

Stimulate Your Scalp

Stress, and especially pollution, suffocates the hair bulb. The micro particles cling to it like magnets. Ultimately, the hair becomes poorer and thinner. To avoid it, follow this detox ritual regularly: start by ridding the scalp of all residues using a moistened konjac sponge, which allows a gentle exfoliation. Then shampoo gently, and then apply a specific moisturizing mask for the scalp. Leave on and rinse thoroughly.

Protect the Lengths

Subject to external elements (wind, sun, pollution, etc.), hair becomes dehydrated and oxidized. As for your skin, do not go out without applying a day cream on the lengths and ends, especially if they are colored. In the form of a BB hair cream or a leave-in protective spray, this type of treatment contains moisturizing agents, UV filters and antioxidants that act as a shield against aggression.


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