Guide for Women Entrepreneurs

Guide for Women Entrepreneurs and Men without Complexes

A person who has ever thought about the possibility of creating their own company and has given up, generally it has been due to fear of failure, due to the fact of not having a clear idea to develop, or only due to ignorance of how to create the company.

To help entrepreneurs on the difficult path they have decided to travel, we propose some ideas that will serve as a guide for reflection, necessary reflection to carry out the project, and the time dedicated will never seem enough because there will always be corners of uncertainty.

We are going to focus on female entrepreneurs because although having initiative, desire to work, and get economic means does not have sex, women, in general, will find it more challenging to start.

We will start with a definition.

ENTREPRENEUR: Person who starts his own business, new and small.

The basic ideas that are associated with the concept almost immediately are:

  • Although there is no predefined female entrepreneur profile, there are some traits that can influence entrepreneurship. The enterprising person has to be able to make decisions without needing certainties, guided by intuition. A creative, realistic, and competitive person will find the easy way.
  • To start the activity, minimal resources are necessary, and, besides, you will have to continue investing in the business to maintain it and make it competitive while obtaining benefits.
  • There are probably few activities as stimulating as creating your own company since it can allow you to fully develop your autonomy, creativity, the exercise of your responsibility, and the ability to make decisions.

Female Specificities

  • The fear of risk: Women must learn to take risks. Females prefer to take fewer chances than males. Thus, most female projects are less likely to fail and grow not to reach their full potential. Some women see money as the biggest obstacle to achieving the goal because there is still the belief that money management is “a man’s thing” but it is not valid. Yet, most women are in charge of the economy domesticates, which is an excellent basis for running a business.
  • Social, family and personal change: Working on your account and carrying out an independent work project implies a difference in the social, family, and unique field, which women will find it challenging to assume since the role or role assigned to them society takes a greater involvement in these fields; The truth is that the entrepreneurial woman will have to commit to her work and be prepared to make all the emotional adjustments and all the necessary sacrifices.
  • Female leading style: Women have their management style and lead more efficiently without adapting to the traditional male leadership model. The more widely held opinion “you can only succeed in business if you act like a man” is going down in history. The need for more people-oriented qualities is being increasingly recognized. Heightened sensitivity to gestures, creative problem solving, intuitive management, and participatory leadership, precisely the qualities that women have learned to cultivate since childhood.

Fields of Work or Elements of Reflection

The necessary fields on which you have to reflect in-depth before venturing into a business can be grouped into the following blocks:

  • Idea

It is not necessary to be an inventor, but the starting point is to have an idea. Any woman, by observation or experience, can conceive the idea of ​​meeting a need. Imagination will give us great help, but it is necessary to contrast with other people to confirm their reality dose.

  • Take the Risk

An entrepreneur must take risks; otherwise, she will never be able to develop her business activity since she will continually find herself with the need to make decisions, and making a decision always implies taking a risk. It has to be studied and assessed what chance she is willing to accept and if it is necessary to develop the idea.

  • Minimum Resources

The most significant difficulty comes in the search for financing business projects. Still, most new entrepreneurs get their money from non-traditional sources such as friends and family, loyal customers, and trusted suppliers, not forgetting the grants or micro credits. It is necessary to calculate the required resources as closely as possible and not lose sight that it is easier to fall short than to oversize since expenses were not initially considered.

  • Personal Qualities

It is not about being a “superwoman.” Still, it is necessary to be motivated to become a leader, be willing to assume responsibilities, have a strong survival instinct, and, ultimately, be indispensable to the company.

A list, which can guide us, on which are the qualities that facilitate the development of your project can be:

  • The motivation for the project and constant improvement at work. Self-confidence and personal autonomy. Ability to perform the task. Organizational skills.
  • Ease of making decisions and the ability to adapt to new situations and to take risks. Observation capacity
  • Social skills and the ability to lead and assume responsibilities. Ability to motivate. Communication skills

Reflection on the fields listed will lead us to mature ideas and highlight our strengths and our weaknesses or weaknesses, allowing us to carry out the necessary actions to improve them.

As a conclusion or guide for when things get complicated and discouragement occurs, we propose the following:

Decalogue of an enterprising woman

  • You have to be independent, have a particular project, and a lot of energy.
  • Analyze what are the possibilities offered by the market and quantify the necessary investment.
  • Compete in the same conditions as men. Do not have complexes.
  • Prepare a financial, economic viability plan necessary to request credits and grants. It will also help you to follow the progress of your business.
  • Put family and social relationships in their proper place. Do not admit emotional blackmail.
  • Promote yourself and sell yourself without false modesty. What vetoes female access to positions of responsibility is a psychological factor?
  • Do not renounce the advice of specialists. They will give you the necessary clues for your project.
  • Take the initiative, and do not wait for your ballot to be solved. It is your company in every way.
  • Connect with other colleagues. The exchange of experiences is very enriching.
  • But above all, never renounce your rights.

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