Guide for Changing your Account from Whatsapp Messenger to Whatsapp Business
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Guide for Changing your Account from Whatsapp Messenger to Whatsapp Business

WhatsApp offers special functions for those who wish to undertake. Find out how to change your WhatsApp Messenger account to WhatsApp Business.

This option of the app for companies allows you to develop strategies to attract customer attention and increase sales, and it helps to maintain contact and generate engagement. Besides, it can automate different messages for users, the design of automatic responses for customers, measuring the impact of messages with analytics in an environment of speed to exchange information with users as opposed to waiting time. That is generated with an email.

WhatsApp Business is available for Android and iOS. The problem is that few users know switching from WhatsApp Messenger to WhatsApp Business, which offers more tools for entrepreneurs.

Next, we will give you the steps on how to transfer your WhatsApp Messenger account to the WhatsApp Business application:

  • Create a backup for your WhatsApp Messenger account: If you want to transfer a WhatsApp Messenger account to WhatsApp Business, we recommend that you create a backup. If you don’t, you could lose your chat history. Open WhatsApp Messenger. On Android, tap, then Settings.
  • On iPhone, tap Settings. From there, touch Chats, then Backup, Save, or Back up right now. After the backup has been completed, proceed to the next step.
  • Download and open the WhatsApp Business application: Download the WhatsApp Business application for free from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Touch the WhatsApp Business icon on the home screen.
  • Review the terms of service: Read the terms of service for WhatsApp Business, then tap Accept and continue as a sign of acceptance.
  • Sign up: WhatsApp Business automatically identifies the number you are using in WhatsApp Messenger. To continue, tap the option with your business number.
  • Transfer your account: Keep the WhatsApp Business application open, and the phone on until the transfer process is complete. Although the transfer occurs automatically, you may be asked to restore the backup. Touch Continue or Restore. Then, if prompted, tap next.
  • Authorize access to your contacts and photos: You can add references to the WhatsApp Business application from your phone’s contact book. You can also allow access to photos, videos, and other files on your phone.
  • Create an account: Enter the company name, select a company category and choose a profile photo.
  • Create your company profile: Touch Browse> Company Profile. You can add important information about the business, such as the business address, description, hours, and more.
  • Start a chat: Your company profile is ready. Then find or select a contact to send them a message. Enter a message in the text field. Then press ‘send.’

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