Fusion Music: Denny Stricklands’ Approach on Merging Music Genres

Fusion Music: Denny Stricklands’ Approach on Merging Music Genres

As a universal language, music has always been understood and appreciated by people all over the world. Consequently, it was further divided into genres so that it would be easier to identify each song based on its rhythm and melody. However, in modern times, we are coming to the realization that music is no longer being held together by the genres we have all been abiding by since way back music was being properly structured.

Music artists are starting to become even more innovative in their musical approach and have been implementing a common yet unique idea of merging genres. The reason why we say unique is because it is quite difficult to mix genres together and come about a new type of music that can be appreciated by all.

Consequently, there are rare cases of someone actually pulling it off. Many have gone through trial and error phases and have yet to find the perfect blend of genres that are completely different from their original music sources. Although, despite it being an almost impossible task, there are still people who have managed to find success in their music merging attempts- a prime example being none other than the artist Denny Strickland.

As a country music artist from just outside Jonesboro, Stricklands’ music has always been deeply rooted within country music, which he has further developed to make his work much more distinctive than his famous music peers worldwide. By mixing his country music roots with intricate touches of various music genres, he has been making heads turn from all over the entertainment industry.

Rising star Denny Strickland made a huge impression in 2017 when he released his new single called “We Don’t Sleep.” The song had received such a major positive response that it was streamed for over more than half a million times, and the music video has been viewed more than 600,000 times. Additionally, he also received a lot of love from his audience when his first debut album ‘California Dreamin’ was released back in August, and just a month after that, Strickland had been listed as one of the Rolling Stone Country’s categories of “Ten Country Artists You Need to Know.”

His unique blend of music has definitely made a significant impact on the crowd. Because one of the most amazing things about merging music is that not only are you bringing together two different types of music, but you are also encouraging two opposite audiences to come together and appreciate this new type of music approach.

Consequently, this has led to one of the main reasons why many different genre-based fans have started to gather in one place to appreciate the aesthetic appeal of Stricklands’ one-of-a-kind music style.

And this is just the very beginning of his musical journey. He has many plans to create even more music that can be strategically woven together to create a wide range of music which holds the potential of making him one of the most renowned artists within the global music industry.

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