Facebook Could Launch a Smartwatch on the Market

Facebook Could Launch a Smartwatch on the Market

Zuckerberg’s company raises the possibility of launching a new product on the market.

With the rise of smartwatches, Mark Zuckerberg’s company may be planning the launch of a new device to compete with Apple. The Apple Watch Series 5 was the best-selling smartwatch in all of 2020. One of the most popular tools of these devices is being able to monitor vital signs and training. However, Facebook could launch its smartwatch in 2022 and a second-generation the following year.

The social network Facebook is beginning to expand its products beyond just an exchange of friends on a wall. Some of their new products are masked in the Portal solution, a set of screens of different sizes to make video calls with their services or third-party services. Another well-known product is the Oculus, a series of augmented reality products: glasses and accessories to improve the virtual experience.

The Information medium indicates that Facebook could launch its smartwatch next year. It is a way to compete with Apple. The product could include health monitoring and training tools, and it would allow you to connect with friends and trainers thanks to the services of Facebook, the social network.

The distinguishing factor of the device is the possibility of linking it with everything that Facebook offers. However, the price of the product has not yet been established.

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