Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Company Pages
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Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Company Pages

It is not an exaggeration when we say that more than 30 million companies use LinkedIn for business and more and more brands are using this social network to make digital marketing strategies, establish contacts and sell. If you have a company and it still does not have a presence on this channel, do not stop reading! In this publication we are going to tell you everything about Linkedin company pages. Are you ready?

What is and what are Linkedin company pages?

Before starting the house on the roof, we will have to start by telling what LinkedIn is as a social network and what strategies or main objectives you can develop before being on Linkedin for companies.

It is a social platform to manage contacts and establish relationships that bring you closer to your final professional or business goals. In other words, we could basically say that it is a meeting point between professionals and companies.

Linkedin for companies allows you to generate credibility and the possibility of feedback through people who are interested in the same industry in which your brand is located.

It is very important to know how to differentiate between a company profile and a professional profile. If, on the other hand, you have a professional profile for your company, it is time to adapt and do things well and better for your brand. Then take note of the following tips and open a Linkedin page for your company.

  • When it comes to having a business page on Linkedin, there are many advantages you can count on:
  • You can locate as many profiles within your same industry as you want. And in a short time!
  • You can continue sharing specialized publications in your sector and maintain a direct relationship with your customers and retain them.
  • In addition, you can promote your brand or products and carry out segmented campaigns according to educational level, demographic data …
  • You have access to the statistics of your publications.

Strategies for your Linkedin business page

Strategies for your Linkedin business page

A fundamental step before creating a company page is to ask yourself: For what purpose are you going to create the page? And also, what goals are there on Linkedin?

  • Provide visibility to your brand: through this platform there are many profiles that can find you and without the need to invest in advertising.
  • Lead generation: can we get leads through Linkedin? Without a doubt, it is the professional network par excellence and in this aspect it can help you generate them:
  • Surely all your potential customers are on Linkedin.
  • With a proper search you can identify your target audience.
  • The close relationship that exists between Linkedin and SEO management.
  • SEO positioning: if someone looks for you either as a professional or as a company, the results of Linkedin are the first that appear in the Google search engine.
  • Show your products or services: on this platform you have the opportunity to show it in a professional way and different from that of your website or the rest of the social networks.

How are company pages created on Linkedin?

  • First of all, to create a page you must access the Linkedin Marketing Solutions website and click on Create a page.
  • Choose the right option for your business.
  • Enter all the data they ask for below, such as the brand name, website … While you are adding the data, on your right they present a preview of how your website will look while you continue adding data.
  • It is essential not to forget this step: add your company logo and optionally add a slogan.
  • Click create page.

If you think that with these steps you have everything done … far from it! Now you have to perfect your page by taking it to another level. It’s time to complete your page by adding more details and optimizing it as much as possible. Nobody said it was an easy task.

How do we keep optimizing the page?

Very easy, click on the small icon that appears below the name of your brand.

  • Description of the brand: in 3 or 4 paragraphs you can describe your brand, products and services and talk about your mission, vision and values. Do not forget the Ace up your sleeve that they provide you with a correct SEO optimization. Remember that in Google results you can preview content of up to 156 characters.
  • Add your business location.
  • Cover photo: choose an image that suits your brand and values. Avoid adding an image bank and make it a natural one.
  • Hashtags: add up to 3 hashtags that adapt as much as possible to your sector and that is why you want them to find you.
  • Custom button: add the correct URL so that users when they click will reach the destination you want. The options that you can find in the button are: Contact, Register, Visit Website and More Information.

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