Decorate your Home this fall according to the Latest Trends
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Decorate your Home this fall according to the Latest Trends

The houses can also adapt to the seasons of the year. Although reforming a real estate property is not done several times a year, it can be given some touches that help adapt it to the season of the year and its inhabitants’ mood.

In immersion, we are passionate about decoration, so we have selected some trends that we find interesting for this fall.

Transgression is in fashion

The most recent decoration trends have been characterized by their baroque style, curved shapes, and the transgression in the use of colors. According to the ABC, the renowned interior designer Raul Martins, these trends will continue this fall, and there is still time to return to classicism and pure rationalism.

In colors, anything goes

This fall will bring warm colors for some designers, whose primary reference is spices, which refer us to places like India, the Maghreb, or the Middle East.

However, it is enough to leaf through the new IKEA catalog to see that the Scandinavian hygge trend is still fashionable. The neutral and cold colors, characteristic of this trend, are still in vogue.

Back to nature

When environmentalism is a rising value, which has become a benchmark in almost any social sphere, its relevance in decoration trends is unquestionable.

The greater awareness about the importance of not using materials that are difficult to recycle has led to an evident commitment to architecture and interior design to ecological, natural materials, easy to recycle, and a low environmental footprint.

Velvet is back for your home

This textile, which helps to create environments of great warmth, usually has ups and downs. There are times when it is widely rejected, and yet it always comes back. This autumn will invade the windows of decoration and architecture stores, and it will be a great ally to create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

Metal, in small doses

Metal pieces are in fashion, but their abuse can create cold, unwelcome environments more suited to a factory than a home. That is why it is advisable to take advantage of this trend, but always in small details.

Artisan textiles for your home

Natural and rustic fibers, such as linen and aged leather, deserve special attention, and those that also come from the earth are much softer, such as cotton and silk.

Fibers of animal origin will also be present in this amalgam; many textiles will be mixed with alpaca and mohair. These textiles can be elegantly added to the home through cushions, blankets, or even bedding for bedrooms.

The key is in the small details

With the arrival of gray and rainy days, the lighting every fall becomes a fundamental decoration element. This season the illumination will be concentrated in small light bulbs, among which the paper lamps, oriental style, will be carried.

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