Beauty Care before the Wedding for Brides and Grooms

Beauty Care before the Wedding for Brides and Grooms

The big day is coming. They, the gleaming brides and they, the grooms increasingly involved with their appearance to be radiantly accompanying the bride should begin, if they have not already done so, to take into account beauty care before the wedding.

Once the engagement date has passed, when both of you have decided to take this step and celebrate it accompanied by your family and friends, time seem to fly by. To your usual routine, usually and in the absence of free time, the thousands of preparations involved in celebrating a wedding are added: search for a dress, search for a room or restaurant, guest list, etc.

This generates stress on our skin that does not It does more than increase our problems since we are seeing that as the date approaches, our appearance is deteriorating instead of looking more radiant than ever, even if it was only for the happiness of the moment.

So the first step that we could recommend to both grooms is to include in your planning time for relaxation and facial care. Without forgetting the body cares because otherwise, the big day will come and, neither the divine dress you are trying on nor the super cool suit that fits you like a glove will suit you just as well.

Beauty Treatments: pre-wedding care

We are going to tell you what you should not miss. The minimum beauty care before the wedding that you must include in you’re planning and advise you to start immediately if you have not already done so.

Cleansing and moisturizing the skin

Start by doing a deep cleaning of your face and neck. A month before is the ideal date to perform a treatment that cleanses all the pores and reduces the possible spots that you may have. We recommend a facial peeling with which we will rejuvenate the skin and loosen and remove the sites on the face.

It is prevalent that we are asked for this treatment to be shinier than ever at a wedding whether you are the bride or groom, as groomsmen or family and friends who want to rejuvenate their appearance in a remarkable way for that big day. The result is surprising.

Regarding the hydration of the skin, you should start at least 2/3 months before taking care of it with specific treatments for both women and men, which incorporate all the freshness and light of a deeply hydrated skin that, in the case of the bride, will help in a great way to set unique makeup to get to the last minute of celebration like it’s your first.

If the time has been thrown on you, the most important thing is that you take charge and start taking solutions immediately. Against earlier better because if you leave it for the day before, you will not get to look your best even with treatments that could help you.

Hair removal. Don’t be caught with a single extra hair on your wedding day

Following the beauty care before the wedding, another thing that should not be missing in your planning is not to lose sight of hair removal. Please do not leave it until the day before the wedding because depending on the hair removal technique you use, and the area can be irritated and get the worst effect, go without hair and the entire room full of redness.

If you plan to remove unwanted hair, it will be much easier to achieve your goal, and if you opt for medical laser hair removal, not only will you not have a single hair that you do not want that day, but you will be able to enjoy the honeymoon without worrying just a second of this topic. And it is liberation.

Tanned skin is healthy skin on your wedding day too

And now that we have managed to have spotless and hydrated skin and not have to worry about wax every seven days, you surely want to have a more golden, tanned, and healthy appearance. Sure. Here we can advise you on the DHA sugarcane tan.

At any time of the year, if we have a more tanned appearance, we have a healthier appearance, so for a wedding, whether in the season of the year you choose, having a golden color on our skin will make our image more striking and attractive. . And if the wedding is also celebrated in spring or summer. You still have not had time to sunbathe; our skin’s whitish color after the harsh winter makes us appear less radiant.

Manicure and pedicure. Your perfect hands and feet

Finally, we recommend that we not forget hands and much fewer feet within the beauty care before the wedding.

A few days ago, here on the blog, we talked about “How to have soft and hydrated hands.” We recommend reading this post that will help you orient the care that we can have at home so that our hands, which are our cover letters, have their best appearance with home remedies.

But if you want to have perfect hands this day where they will also have a unique role, we recommend that you do not hesitate to get a professional manicure.

Nor should we forget our feet, which suffer the weight of our body and our stress. We recommend that you visit a podiatrist to see if you need any specific medical treatment to eliminate possible ailments that allow you to spend the big day of your wedding in the best possible way and if you do not have any medical disorder, Performing a professional pedicure will help you eliminate calluses and leave your feet deeply hydrated so that that day they are as light as a feather. And you will appreciate it.

We hope that these beauty tips before the wedding have helped you so that you do not forget that, whether you are the bride or the groom, you should include these steps in your planning before the big day.

We often forget ourselves worried about all the preparations and that our guests enjoy and remember this great day just as excited as the bride and groom. But we forget that for our big day we must also take care of ourselves and pamper ourselves.

What’s more, we are going to give you the latest beauty care recommendation before the wedding. The day before, take out space and give yourself a relaxing Ayurvedic massage. It will help you rest the night before, where you will be full of nerves, and the next day you will wake up with renewed energy to face this great day.

It will have been a pleasure for us to be able to help you, to be able to help you achieve it.

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