The Top 5 Features Your App Needs Now
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App Development Guide- The Top 5 Features Your App Needs Now

According to the statistics, by July 2020, there were around 4.37 million apps available to download in the Apple App Store. However, now the count is going upward in a steep direction. As you can see from the statistics below the count to app availability has gone above.

With there an increase in the daily app users, developers are focusing on creating such apps that can take positions in the leading ranks on the search engines of the store. The renowned IOS app development company around the world has taken on the stance to keep an eye on the latest IOS updates to add relevant and compatible features to their apps.

The focus is more in making the apps work smartly and smoothly across multiple platforms. So, if you are new to the game and you want to develop an app that can hit the charts here is the list of amazing features that you must try adding to your newly developed application before publishing it in the App Store.

  • ¬†Dark Mode

The most loved feature that gets everybody drooling is the dark mode. Nobody knows the secret behind such an obsession with the dark mode. App users want everything in the dark mode. So, if your app provides such a feature that it will be definitely loved. The new IOS update does facilitate the users with this feature. Now they can turn their iPhone into dark mode with just a click of a button. Many other apps like WhatsApp and Facebook have provided this feature as well. So, currently, it is making waves in the industry and it’s the right time to adopt.

  • Sign in with Apple

Now you do not need to sign in with Google or Facebook, as Apple is providing that. Now the app developers are integrating the sign-in with apple feature in their apps to keep them updated. The Apple authentication process is more legit and people blindly trust the system. So, by offering it you can give a window to your users to stay protected and well connected integrating them with their Apple ID.

There are many advantages of getting these features as it hides the user’s emails who are not willing to share it with a new download. It can work anywhere. You can simply integrate the Apple ID without getting involved in any restriction. The last advantage is that it offers robust security. You know even if you integrate all your information and the accounts will stay protected.

  • Siri Shortcuts

Siri offers better voice controls, navigation, and an added convenience. So, if your app has been devoid of its integration, now it’s time to go for it. The iPhone users have a deep fondness for Siri. They are addicted to using it. So, if your app has its features what else do they want. You can win their heart with simple integration. So, if your core app’s features can support the Siri integration go for it and make double folds on your revenue generation.

  • SwiftUI

SwiftUI is a highly integrated user interface toolkit that facilitates users with its designing features. You can design your codes more efficiently. The best thing about it is how it merges the storyboard and the coding techniques together adding more convenience to your app’s functionality and usability. With the help of SwiftUI, you can make the coding updates as simple as possible through the drag and drop feature. Furthermore, it fixes the massive view controller problem as well.

  • Core NFC

Core NFC is one of the most complicated features making it possible to open up your app’s functionality connecting it with the world. With the help of Core NFC, the apps begin able to understand the Near Field Communication (NFC) tags that provide better and more information to the app users. It adds endless possibilities to the functionality. The best thing is that Apple has improvised the Core NFC by adding more features to read the passport, government IDs, and smartcards more effectively.

Wrap Up

With all of these features, you can build a robust and useful app for your users. Developers aim to gain success and visibility in the App Store which currently has thousands of applications. So, by adding features that Apple itself supports and improvise you can give a boost to the visibility and app engagements. This is the smartest and easiest solution to gain popularity.

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